Please find information for the public shared with the Parish Council, click on any of the items below which are links to documents:

SUCCESS – Asset of Community Value status for the Bluebell Pub Confirmed – CLICK HERE

CILCA Certificate Received – Qualified Clerk in CILCA at Stoke Ferry PC – The Clerk and RFO has received their official certificate at the end of October 2020 for the CILCA accreditation which they had qualified in at the end of April 2020.  This was after 10 months of study amounting to over 100 hours, working flexibly around their duties, work-life balance and with the support of the Council.  The certification was run by Norfolk Association of Local Councils and provided by SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) for the CILCA (Certificate in Local Council Administration) as part of the National Improvement Strategy for Parish and Town Councils.  The qualification covered modules in Core Roles of the Local Council; Law and Procedures; Finance; Management and Community Engagement.

Norwich Western Link Update Jan 2021

BCKLWN cllr and parish council update 080121

Transport East 2021 Public Transport Opinion Survey by 17 Jan 2021

NHS Covid Vacination Info 2021National ALC Covid 19 Information Dec 2020

Councillor and Parishes Update BCKLWN 11.12.20

Councillor and Parishes Update 03.12.20

2053-82 COVID-19 Winter Support Leaflet

Wimbotsham with Fincham and Wissey Police Update Nov 2020

Freebridge announce plans to support community during winter months

Scams and Fraud Advice from Police Nov 2020

Fraud Poster – Police

Census articles for Parish etc – Census 2021

Census 2021 Public Info

Norfolk Youth Against Bullying Campaign

Support For Residents Who Need to Self Isolate

BCKLWN Council Tax Support Scheme Public Consultation

Support For Residents_A4 (UK) FINAL Support to Those Who Isolate

Managing Finances and Avoiding Scams Guidance

Lived Experience Flyer Norfolk Mind

Green Homes Grant Scheme Overview Paper

Green Homes Grant Scheme FAQs

Update from Post Office in Regard to Whittington Garage Branch – CLICK HERE

Talk To Us Service Poster YMCA

f Abuse of Harm Support

NHS Support for Mental Wellbeing

Family and Individual funding for Norfolk 

Norfolk Alc Wellbeing Task and Finish Group Message – Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Board

Scammers and Fraudsters groups NSVC info 260420

NSVC Scam Prevention Service Information 260420

Latest Bluebell Pub Campaign Group Letter – Invitation to Online Quiz CLICK HERE

Guidance for Covid 19 Volunteers CLICK HERE

Guidance and Support Domestic Abuse CLICK HERE

Stoke Ferry new Village Sign and re-furbished Bench – 13.03.19

By now many of you will have seen the new Village Sign at Stoke Ferry.

This was started last summer when the Parish Council asked the local art group for some ideas for a new sign. We then commissioned our local hardware company, family run Thomas Bonnetts, to make a bespoke iron sign.

We wanted this sign to be a statement piece of artwork which reflects iconic images, past and present, from around the village so we have a Ferryman, the old Railway Station, The Hall and the former Church.

This structure comprises of over 100 pieces of metal and well over 200 nuts and bolts. It took over 70 hours to make and over 20 hours to paint.

I am sure we can all agree this beautiful piece of art will be a talking point for many years and we thank the team at Bonnetts for all the hard work they have put into this.

I would also like to thank another local family, Stephen Scotney, who has worked on the newly refurbished bench now placed in the garden area. Once again, local families are helping our community to improve.

Thank you from SFPC to all those who have worked on these projects.

Stoke Ferry Parish Council and Borough Council Elections 2 May 2019

For the Borough Council’s dedicated web page for the elections results CLICK HERE

Cllr Colin Sampson was re-elected as Borough Councillor for the Wissey Ward.  Wissey Declaration Result of Poll

Current Stoke Ferry Parish Councillors were re-elected plus Cllr Janet Taylor.  Stoke Ferry Declaration Result of Poll

2Agriculture Mill Housing Development Plans – The 2Agrictulture Mill is holding a Public Consultation on eds 12 December from 4.00 – 7.30 pm in the Stoke Ferry Village Hall.  Please see following leaflet for more information, the had leafleted some parts of the village directly.

2Agriculture Mill Liaison Committee Vacancy – The Parish Council wishes to advise the Community that there is one place on the Committee for a Village Representative, the Committee is hosted by the Mill, two representatives of the Parish Council attend.   It meets four times a year on a Wednesday at 4pm.   If you are interested in joining the Committee as a Village representative, please contact the Stoke Ferry Parish Clerk by email or phone 07795006811.

2Agriculture – The Mill can be contacted directly on the following telephone numbers should any members of the public have concerns 01366 502324 & 01366 502375

Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk (Planning; Bin Collections; Dog Fouling; Noise Nuisance; Environmental Health; Housing Register; Council Tax): Covid 19 Business and Individual Support. Visit their website:

Norfolk County Council: Reporting of Defects with the Highways (signs/pot holes) via their defect portal.  Any individual can use the portal : 


Audit 201415

2014-15 recast accounts for Mazars.

Annual Return 2014-15.

Audit 201516

Budget 201516

External Auditor Report 201516

Bank Reconciliation 201516

AGAR Section 3 201516

AGAR Section 2 201516.

AGAR Section 1 201516

Audit 201617

Budget 201617

AGAR Section 1 201617.

AGAR Section 2 201617.

AGAR Section 3 201617

Bank Reconciliation

Audit 201718

Accounting Statements

Annual Governance Statement

AGAR Section 1 and 2

AGAR Section 3

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 201718

VAT Reclaim


Bank Reconciliation

Budget 201718

Audit 201819

Accounting Statements 201819

Annual Governance Statement 201819


Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of electors 2019

Notice of the Audit and Right to Inspect the Annual Return 1819

Final Audit Certificate 201819

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 201819

Budget for 2018/19


VAT Return 201819

Bank Reconciliation

Audit 201920

Stoke Ferry PC AGAR 201920 Signed (Contains Section 1 and 2)

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited AGAR Accounts YE 31.03.20 

Budget Approved 2019/20

Variances and Reserves

Bank Reconciliation

VAT Reclaim

AGAR Section 3 External Auditor Report and Certificate 201920

Notice of the Audit and the Right to Inspect the Return ending 31 March 2020

Audit 202021

SFPC Budget 202021