Stoke Ferry new Village Sign and re-furbished Bench – 13.03.19

By now many of you will have seen the new Village Sign at Stoke Ferry.

This was started last summer when the Parish Council asked the local art group for some ideas for a new sign. We then commissioned our local hardware company, family run Thomas Bonnetts, to make a bespoke iron sign.

We wanted this sign to be a statement piece of artwork which reflects iconic images, past and present, from around the village so we have a Ferryman, the old Railway Station, The Hall and the former Church.

This structure comprises of over 100 pieces of metal and well over 200 nuts and bolts. It took over 70 hours to make and over 20 hours to paint.

I am sure we can all agree this beautiful piece of art will be a talking point for many years and we thank the team at Bonnetts for all the hard work they have put into this.

I would also like to thank another local family, Stephen Scotney, who has worked on the newly refurbished bench now placed in the garden area. Once again, local families are helping our community to improve.

Thank you from SFPC to all those who have worked on these projects.

Stoke Ferry Parish Council Parish Council Elections 2 May 2019

Notice Of Election – Borough

Notice of Election – Parish R-T

Want to Get Involved and make a difference in Stoke Ferry?

The 2019 Elections are fast approaching. Now is your chance to stand as a candidate for Stoke Ferry Parish Council. Parish Councillors need no specific qualifications experience, just a passion for doing the best for your local community. Don’t feel you can’t do it – there is always help, training and guidance available. Help to make a difference!.

To request a nomination pack and get further guidance / questions please contact the Parish Clerk. Nomination packs must be returned in person to the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Kings Court address to the elections team for verification between 18 March and 3 April 4 pm to qualify.

Date and Timetable of the Elections
The normal 4 yearly round of parish council elections is being held on 2 May. The local elections begin with the publication of the Notice of Election.
Interested candidates will need to complete a nomination pack and return it by hand to the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk for verification by the Elections Team. The nomination period is during normal office hours on each working day from Monday 18 March until 4pm on Wednesday 3 April. Informal checking of nomination papers by the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN) is available the week commencing Monday 18 March. The deadline for withdrawals of candidature is also 4pm on Wednesday 3 April.

The Nomination Process
Below is a link to the Borough Council Website where nomination packs will be available to download and print soon.

Nominations should be submitted to the BCKLWN (not the Parish Council) in good time, to allow for any unintended errors to be corrected to avoid disqualification.

For the Borough Council’s dedicated web page for the elections CLICK HERE

Completion of Nomination Paper
The top of the nomination paper should be completed with the name of Stoke Ferry Parish and the date of election, 2nd May 2019 (there are no wards within the parish). The nomination paper must state the candidate’s full names, the home address in full including house name and/or number and the post code. There is also a form to be completed should a candidate not wish for their address to be publicised. If the candidate commonly uses a different surname or forename this may be included. The description, if any, must not exceed six words in length, and need not refer to rank, profession or calling so long as, with the candidate’s other particulars, it is sufficient to identify them e.g. retired school teacher.

A nomination paper may not include a description of a candidate which is likely to lead voters to associate the candidate with a registered political party unless that description is authorised by a certificate issued by or on behalf of the registered nominating officer of the party, and received by the last time for the delivery of nomination papers. (It is very rare for Parish Council candidates to stand with a party description, but they may do so subject to the above).

Every candidate requires a proposer and seconder. These must be people registered on 1 March 2019 in the electoral area for which the candidate is standing and can, if the candidate wishes, include a spouse or partner. The “electoral area” is Stoke Ferry Parish. The nomination paper must give the electoral number of the proposer and seconder. This number can be requested from the Parish Clerk. A person may not propose or second more nomination papers than there are vacancies to be filled in the electoral area. Thus, for example, if the ward has nine councillors, a person may not support more than seven nomination papers. If they do, the sixth nomination paper would be invalid. Stoke Ferry Parish Council has 9 Councillor vacancies to be filled.

A person under the age of 18 may propose or second a candidate if (but only if) he/she is shown in the register as being of voting age on the day fixed for the poll.

Consent to Nomination

Anyone completing a nomination paper is also required to complete a consent to nomination. Candidates should complete as many of the relevant qualifications as apply. The consent to nomination must include the candidates date of birth. It must not be signed and dated more than one month prior to the last date for receipt of nomination papers (i.e. not before 4 March). The consent must be signed in the presence of a witness (who may be any person, including a spouse or partner) and delivered to the Returning Officer at BCKLWN during the nomination period, between 18 March and 3 April 4 pm.

If the candidate has been authorised by a political party to use a description in their nomination, they can also request that one of the party’s official emblems is used on the ballot paper next to their name. That request must be made in writing by the close of nominations.

Nomination papers can be inspected at the Returning Officer’s office at the BCKLWN, Kings Court, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1EX by any person during normal office hours after the close of nominations at 4pm on Wednesday 3 April until the day before polling day, Wednesday, 1 May.

Qualifications to be a Councillor

A person is qualified to be elected and to be a councillor if they are a British, Commonwealth or European Union citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, and on the day of their nomination they are 18 or over. In addition, the person must meet at least one of the following criteria:-

(1) be registered as a local government elector for the area, and give their electoral number, or

(2) have during the whole of the twelve months before the day on which they are nominated occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises in the parish, or

(3) during the whole of the twelve months before the day on which they are nominated have their principal or only place of work in the area of the parish, or

(4) during the whole of the twelve months before the day on which they are nominated have resided in the parish or within 4.8 kilometres (3 miles) of it.

Disqualifications to be a Councillor

Certain people are disqualified from standing. If any prospective candidate doubts their eligibility, please see Part 1 of the Electoral Commissions Guidance for Candidates and Agents.


Anyone wishing to withdraw their candidacy has until 4pm on Thursday 3 April to do so. They must do so by submitting a notice of withdrawal, signed by them and witnessed by one other person. Once the period for withdrawals has closed, the need for a contest will then be considered. If there are more candidates than there are seats available a contest will take place. Otherwise the candidates will be elected unopposed.

For more information please contact:

Helen Richardson
Stoke Ferry Parish Clerk and Finance Responsible Person
Email or Phone/Text: 0779 500 6811

Anglian Water Letter 100119 River Drove Eel Screen Installation

Norfolk Carers Matter Letter Jan 2019

Notice from the Post Office in Regard to Post Office Closure in Stoke Ferry

Paste the following into your browser for more informration:

2Agriculture Mill Housing Development Plans – The 2Agrictulture Mill is holding a Public Consultation on eds 12 December from 4.00 – 7.30 pm in the Stoke Ferry Village Hall.  Please see following leaflet for more information, the had leafleted some parts of the village directly.

Mill Housing Development Public Consultation 12 Dec 18

2Agriculture Mill Liaison Committee Vacancy – The Parish Council wishes to advise the Community that there is one place on the Committee for a Village Representative, the Committee is hosted by the Mill, two representatives of the Parish Council attend.   It meets four times a year on a Wednesday at 4pm.   If you are interested in joining the Committee as a Village representative, please contact the Stoke Ferry Parish Clerk by email or phone 07795006811.

Neighbourhood Plan – Please see a flyer to residents who may be interested in knowning more or getting involved with creating the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Flyer September 2018